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Isn’t pregnancy the most beautiful feeling ever? You carry a new life in you, give birth, become a mother. But along with the great feeling, comes the great responsibility of giving the best to your child. Pregnancy requires additional nourishment for proper growth and development of the baby. A balanced and nutritious diet for a pregnant woman should involve proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats, along with iron and folic acid. Along with eating nutrient-rich food, you should not eat food with high added sugar.

Mother’s Horlicks is scientifically formulated to provide nutrients needed during pregnancy and lactation**. With 25 vital nutrients, Mothers Horlicks helps meet your nutrition need during pregnancy and lactation**. Mother’s Horlicks contains 100% milk protein with an amino acid score of 100. It is formulated to provide goodness of wheat, barley and dairy ingredients. Mother’s Horlicks contains DHA and Choline to support brain development of the baby. Mother’s Horlicks contains key nutrients that can help support a healthy birth weight of the baby.